Richie Supa

Director of Creative Recovery

“In the blink of an eye, you finally see the light.” - “Amazing,” Aerosmith

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Richie Supa

The Director of Creative Recovery at Recovery Unplugged, Richie Supa writes songs with content about the disease of addiction and substance use disorder. He is also responsible for structuring groups using music as the primary source of therapy and leads our weekly Feel Good Fridays at our flagship treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale. His main goal is to engage clients emotionally using music. Richie has been a professional singer and songwriter for over 45 years and has also been on the journey of recovery for 30 years.

Music is a way of life, and Richie loves creating music both in and outside of the office. He is also active in Narcotics Anonymous. In his spare time, he loves riding his Harley Davidson around in the South Florida sun and working out.

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