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Ryan Spencer

Operations Manager

“Let’s get together and feel alright,” - “One Love,” Bob Marley

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Ryan Spencer

The Operations Manager at the residential facility in Austin, Ryan Spencer runs the operations of residential facility and oversees housing, the alumni department, and admissions. His main duties are to ensure that there is a good flow of people coming in and out of residential, stay in communication with the utilization review team, and ensure that all operational duties at the residences are taken care of. More than anything, he tries to build rapport, share his experiences, and make sure that clients have a good experience while in the facility. One of the very first employees hired at our Austin treatment center, Ryan worked his way from the bottom up. Beginning in a position with maintenance, he earned the title of Case Manager, then moved to Admissions, then Client Services, and finally Operations Manager.

Ryan has struggled with addiction and substance abuse for over 25 years before getting clean. He has almost three and a half years of clean time now and is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. His passion is helping people in recovery and shining hope into the lives of clients. He loves going to the gym, reading books, meditating, and traveling. He enjoys all types of outdoor sports, including hiking, skydiving, swimming, and rock climbing.