Chad Simich

Admissions Coordinator

“No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up and handle it,” - “Me Against the World,” Tupac

Call: 954-703-1975


Chad Simich

An Admissions Coordinator with our Admissions department in the call center, Chad Simich handles inbound calls for potential clients contacting Recovery Unplugged inquiring about our services or seeking treatment. He helps navigate callers through the processes of verifying benefits from insurance companies, walking them through logistics, and explaining what our program here is about. A veteran of the Navy, Chad has worked as an Admissions Coordinator at Unity Recovery Group and as Outreach Manager at Pax Campus Treatment Center.

An active member of Alcoholics Anonymous with over ten years clean, Chad sponsors members while doing a lot of local AA service work and volunteer work with his church. A South Floridian at heart, he loves saltwater fishing, sports, and is one of the biggest Dolphins fans in the company.

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