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Schreaka Taylor

Collections Supervisor

“You gave me the kiss of life,” - “Kiss of Life,” Sade Adu

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Schreaka Taylor

The Collections Supervisor in our Billing department, Schreaka Taylor fights for our patients, ensuring they can utilize their insurance benefits without hassle from insurance companies. She advocates on behalf of the patient and makes sure that the insurance companies we work with will cover the entirety of care the patient qualifies for. Schreaka has been working in billing and collections for over fifteen years and chose to work in this specific industry because of the personal experience she has had with substance abuse affecting her family.

Schreaka is passionate about her work and family because both her mother and sister are in recovery. When she isn’t at work, she’s investing into her four children. She has three boys who are currently college students, and an eight-year-old daughter. She also owns and manages a barber shop.