Kristen Sanabria

Alumni Coordinator

“Slow down you’re doing fine, you can’t be everything you want to be before your time,” Vienna – Billy Joel

Call: 954-388-9523


Kristen Sanabria

An Alumni Coordinator with our Alumni team, Kristen Sanabria interacts with clients of Recovery Unplugged both past and present. She offers support to those she reaches out to and provides resources to anyone reaching out to her. A former behavioral health technician for Recovery Unplugged and alumni of our program, Kristen is passionate about helping those in recovery along their paths.

With a year and a half clean, she is involved in Narcotics Anonymous and 12 step fellowships. When she isn’t working hard to save lives, Kristen is interested in furthering her education and strengthening her skills. She enjoys gardening and plant care and has a passion for nature and activities that offer a connection to nature.

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