Robert Yoder

Vice President of Marketing

“Don’t stop believing,” Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing”

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Robert Yoder

Robert F. Yoder, aka Yoder, joined the Recovery Unplugged family three years ago as the Digital Media Director. Recently he was promoted to Vice President of Marketing and now oversees and works hands-on with our Alumni, Admissions, Digital Marketing & IT departments. With an eye for talent, he led the efforts in finding the appropriate staff to represent Recovery Unplugged in the Admissions and Digital Marketing teams. He is also responsible for ensuring our marketing vendors and the Production department remain on-point with representing the company brand in the most transparent, ethical ways possible.

His previous experiences and past roles include Internet Marketing Director at Delphi Behavioral Health Group, and prior to that he worked as a therapist in the Pentagon helping active duty members of the military deal with PTSD and sexual trauma. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jacksonville University and has a Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.

With over seven years clean, Yoder is active in his participation with the LGTBQ & Recovery communities. He enjoys attending meetings and events held by our Alumni department. He has an avid love for commercial aircraft, yachts, and Central Park in NYC. He is also extraordinarily proud of his son who is currently attending college in Kansas City, MO in pursuit of a career as a pharmacist.

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