Ryan O’Connor

Sr. Alumni Coordinator

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” - “Beast and the Harlot,” Avenged Sevenfold

Call: 954-270-6426

Email: oconnorr@recoveryunplugged.com

Ryan O’Connor

One of our Alumni Coordinators in Fort Lauderdale, Ryan O’Connor functions as a primary liaison for people who have gone through our program here at Recovery Unplugged. Aside from checking in on alumni from our program and making sure they’re still going strong with their recovery, he works in tandem with the Outreach and Admissions departments to make sure we reach as many lives as possible. A Certified Recovery Coach, Ryan has worked as a Behavioral Health Technician and has been in the industry for three years.

Ryan is over three years into his recovery and enjoys spending his spare time working out and body building. When he isn’t in the gym, he loves being with his girlfriend and their two cats, Purrdee and Oliver.

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