Klifton Fehr

Primary Therapist

“Nothing I have is truly mine,” - “Life for Rent,” Dido

Call: 9543680888

Email: Kliftonf@recoveryunplugged.com

Klifton Fehr

Klifton Fehr, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, the Program and Family Program Director here at Recovery Unplugged, is responsible for ensuring the client experience is therapeutic and valuable and that it is effective in helping clients heal and move forward in their challenge against substance abuse. He supervises the therapists and interns to make sure they follow suit and do their utmost to help our clients. As a Licensed Mental Counselor, Klif has been working in the treatment field for over a decade and is currently applying for his MCAP, as well as working towards becoming an Internationally Certified Group Psychotherapist.

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