Jonathan Kaye

Director of Information Technology

“All I needed was the last thing I wanted.” - Asking Alexandria

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Jonathan Kaye

As Director of Information Technology, Jonathan Kaye is a key member of the management team, providing overall strategy and direction of the IT department and its staff. He is also responsible for the delivery of infrastructure services to support all company needs, as well as ensuring his department is setting and executing its strategic direction. Jonathan received his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security from ITT Tech Ft. Lauderdale and Associate of Arts in Computer Technology from Broward College, and has worked as IT Manager at JEGandSONS and Director of IT Support at The Recon Group.

Jonathan loves martial arts and is currently a red belt in Kenpo on track to receive his black belt within the next eighteen months. He loves going to the movies with his wife, to whom he’s been married for almost five years.

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