Kirsten Henard

Social Media Coordinator

“All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost,” - “Wake Me Up,” Avicii

Call: 954-368-0888


Kirsten Henard

One of our Social Media Coordinators, Kirsten Henard works hand in hand with our Digital Marketing team, monitoring our social media and contributing to content creation. She provides a consistent voice across our social media platforms and provides help and information to those reaching out. Kirsten also studied childhood psychology and development and has spent three years working with social media engagement in the past.

Originally from Virginia, Kirsten enjoys running, reading, and spending time at the beach. Her favorite genres of music are country and early 2000s alternative rock. She loves spending time with her husband of a year, Jason, and their three dogs, Joe, Tanner, and Wrigley.

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