Max Glaser

Admissions Coordinator

“I was born in a thunderstorm; I grew up overnight. I played alone, I played on my own, I survived,” - “Alive,” Sia

Call: 954-703-1975


Max Glaser

One of Recovery Unplugged’s Admissions Coordinators, Max Glaser helps clients when they’re most desperate to get treatment. His goal is to save lives, one client at a time. Max has been working in Admissions for over a year and has been in the substance abuse treatment field for over three years. In the past he was a customer service specialist in various leadership positions and has also worked in outreach for a sober living home.

When Max isn’t at work, he is almost always at the beach. He loves anything outdoorsy, and his favorite outdoor activities are kayaking and rock climbing. Max is dedicated to saving lives daily because of with personal experiences with losing a loved one and hopes to honor his nephew’s life by saving those struggling with active addiction.

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