Marisa Duane

Group Facilitator

“There is so much more and beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilities” – Tool, Lateralus

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Marisa Duane

Marisa Duane is a lead group facilitator at Recovery Unplugged. She primarily leads group therapy sessions, engages the clients through music and other therapeutic modalities, provides clients with support and coordinates group schedules throughout the facility. Marisa also performs for her clients, sharing music, lyrics and personal recovery experiences. She has a strong music background and uses creativity to create an engaging environment for her clients, all while studying to get her Bachelor’s of Music in Songwriting (remotely) at Berklee College of Music. She has been sober since 2015 and uses her life journey to assist with her connection to her patients.

Outside of work, Marisa, continues her passion of writing and playing music. She also enjoys spending time with her pit bull, friends and loved ones (in that order). She is continually growing in her mental and spiritual journey and loves taking new adventures in life.

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