Recovery Unplugged Staff

Abigail Dorfman

Administrative Assistant

“No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight,” - “Cosmic Love,” Florence + the Machine

Call: 954-368-0888

Email: [email protected]

Abigail Dorfman

The Administrative Assistant at our Fort Lauderdale facility, Abigail Dorfman is the very first face people see when coming into our main office. She greets clients and guests while directing them where to go, ensures the lobby is presentable, and picks the music that plays every day. She also works closely with Human Resources for data entry and schedules appointments and usage of the main conference room. Abigail has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has been working in customer service for over a decade.

With two years in recovery, Abby is very involved and active in Narcotics Anonymous, routinely doing service work and spending time with her sponsorship family. She loves drinking espresso and binge-watching Dr. Who, and as a cat mom loves spending time with her only fur-child, Hopper.