Eric Diaz

Admissions Coordinator

“Everything’s changing around me, and I want to change too. It’s one thing I know, it ain’t cool being no fool,” - “Now or Never,” The Roots

Call: 954-703-1975


Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz is one of our Admissions Coordinators in our Admissions department, and gathers basic demographics, facilitates interventions as needed, and speaks to clients and their loved ones in order to coordinate the treatment that they need. He also facilitates transportation to and from the treatment center and answers any and all non-clinical questions that the client or family members may have. Eric has been in the field for over seven years in multiple roles. He has a background in management, has been on senior leadership teams, and is currently doing what he loves in the Admissions department.

Eric has been clean for eight years and is an active member of a twelve-step fellowship. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, aged sixteen, four, and one. He also loves riding his motorcycles around the city when he has time to himself.

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