Recovery Unplugged Staff

James Cordiano

Primary Therapist

“Have we lost everything now? … like calendars dying, at new years eve parties, as we kiss hard on the lips and swear that this year will be better than the last” – Thursday, Jet Black New Year

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James Cordiano

James Cordiano is a licensed mental health counselor, primary therapist and community group facilitator at Recovery Unplugged. His duties consist of conducting individual therapy, group therapy, family contact, and offering a support for clients in the program. He utilizes his life experience of being in recovery for over 9 years, and his journey of being four years clean and relapsing for six years, to connect to both the recovery and the relapse journey.

James is an avid fisherman and is a Freshwater Fishing Guide. He has also played the drums for over 20 years and loves to take time to jam out with the other musically inclined clients.