Jason Cabello


“Fond farewell to a friend who couldn’t get things right,” - “Fond Farewell to a Friend,” Elliott Smith

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Email: cabelloj@recoveryunplugged.com

Jason Cabello

The resident Videographer and Video Producer here at our Fort Lauderdale location, Jason Cabello has a hand in almost everything creative that comes out of our company. If you’ve seen one of our advertisements, it’s almost guaranteed to have been created by Jason. Jason produces videos, heads photography, and has makes of both our radio and video advertisements from the ground up. He also works very closely with everyone in our Production and Marketing departments, conceptualizing what media we put out alongside our writers and social media marketers.

An alumnus of our program, Jason is over two years clean and considers himself a product of the product. Outside of the workplace, Jason is just as active and creative, and is currently working on producing an independent film. He loves discovering new music, skateboarding, independent films, and graffiti art.

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