Recovery Unplugged Staff

Michael Bealer

Mental Health Technician

“I work for the love, living in the day of the eagle, eagle not the dove,” - “Day of the Eagle,” Robyn Trower

Call: 954-368-0888

Email: [email protected]

Michael Bealer

A Mental Health Technician, Michael Bealer’s number one concern is our clients’ safety and comfort. Michael works with clients from the time they enter the facility until the time they leave, assisting with all basic needs. Michael helps our nursing staff with performing client urinalysis and brings clients to the staff doctor at their appointed times. Michael keeps a watchful eye (and ear) to make sure every client is having a good experience at Recovery Unplugged.

With twenty-five years in recovery and experience guiding newcomers through the twelve step process, Michael brings an old timer’s philosophy of recovery from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book into his personal philosophy and work ethic here at Recovery Unplugged. Michael loves to laugh and joke with newcomers while spreading the message of recovery even when he is not at work. He is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He also loves football. He is a Florida transplant from Philadelphia and a die hard Eagles fan! Michael has been with his wife for four years, and together they share their journeys in recovery. They both enjoy spending their time off together with their French Bull Dog, Duke. They all love ice cream and walks in the park.