Chace Andrea

Alumni Coordinator

“The future’s uncertain and the end is always near,” - “Roadhouse Blues,” The Doors

Call: 954-703-1975


Chace Andrea

An Alumni Coordinator in our Fort Lauderdale Alumni department, Chace Andrea reaches out to alumni from our program to provide them with support when they need it. If they are struggling in their recovery, he gives them info about local support and advice on how to maintain their sobriety. He also helps give them options to help bring them back into treatment if they need it. As an alumnus of our program, Chace understands our programs and is uniquely suited to build rapport with other graduates of our program.

Chace has almost two years clean and is very active in the Recovery Unplugged community. He loves playing guitar and listening to music, and is an enormous fan of Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, and The Doors. He is currently studying Performing Arts at Broward College.

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