Recovery Unplugged Staff

Carmen Aguilar

Behavioral Health Technician

“Through all the rain and the pain, we gotta keep our sense of humor. We gotta be able to smile through all the bullsh*t,” - “Smile,” Tupac & Scarface

Call: 954-368-0888

Email: [email protected]

Carmen Aguilar

One of Recovery Unplugged’s Behavioral Health Technicians, Carmen Aguilar checks on clients and talks them through their struggles and what they are going through. She also informs the clinical team about where the clients are mentally and relays their needs. Carmen is certified in CPR, first aid, Narcan administration, and AED training. She has spent the last year working at different levels of care in the addiction treatment field.

Carmen has been clean since February 4, 2017, and works a 12-step program in Narcotics Anonymous. Outside of work, she loves baking, reading, and writing. She also enjoys sitting by the water and spending time with her dog.