Art Alexakis Releases Debut Solo Record

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Recovery Unplugged supporter Art Alexakis announces debut solo record.
Life Unmuted with Art Alexakis of Everclear

Everclear founder and front man, and friend of Recovery Unplugged, Art Alexakis has announced the release of his debut solo album, Sun Songs, which is expected to drop mid-October. The album gives Alexakis the freedom to explore new styles and push creative boundaries. Influences for the new effort come from a variety of different genres, ranging from hip-hop to classical to 70’s acoustic. “It’s not about making another Everclear record; it’s about doing something that’s just me,” Alexakis said.

“I’m pushing my ability and pushing the envelope and having fun at the same time.” Alexakis kicks off his solo tour on October 8th in Illinois, and continues through the month, ending with shows in the UK and Ireland.

Art Alexakis’ Addiction and Recovery

“I’ve been an addict my whole life. I’m always addicted to something,” says Alexakis. He came from a family which he describes as being “full of anger” and had been using drugs and alcohol since he was eight years old after experiencing trauma. His disease progressed rapidly as he tried to fill a void and was soon faced with the life-or-death decision to seek help. Using heavily by age 11, he now recalls “that was the only time I felt comfortable in my own skin. I got to a place where I didn’t want to live like that anymore.”

Partnering with Recovery Unplugged

Now sober for over 20 years, Alexakis spends his time with his wife and his daughter, relying on meetings and sober support to help keep him clean. Alexakis recently visit the Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center for an unforgettable Feel-Good Friday performance and to discuss his own struggles with substance use disorder. “If there had been a program like Recovery Unplugged when I was going through it, I would’ve run to it like water. It’s an amazing thing.” People are encouraged to use their desired methods of creativity to express their feelings and explore the ‘why?’ behind them. “By sharing the problems that we have is a really good way of connecting to other people because you might get a different perspective from somebody else.”

Recovery Unplugged awaits the new record with eager anticipation.

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