Alcoholics Anonymous

A Lifeline to Lasting Alcohol Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the most valuable and respected post-treatment resources for those recovering from alcohol abuse. It represents an opportunity, unlike almost any other, to safely share the most private experiences, exchange support and comfortably part with that internal resistance that so often gets in the way of self-reflection.

For decades, those recovering from alcohol addiction have looked upon AA as a place to re-center their emotions, disclose their vulnerability to temptation, work through their self-doubt and insulate themselves from relapse. AA meetings in combination with ongoing mental health treatment is a proven formula for lasting success. In many ways, this organization is one of the cornerstones of the modern recovery paradigm.

A National Recovery Resource

Perhaps one of the most helpful parts of AA is its widespread presence in communities all over the country. Each one of the approximately 14 million alcoholics in the United States has a s safety net to which they can turn when they’re feeling vulnerable to relapse; a supportive environment that allows them to safely disclose their fears, aspirations and hopes free from judgment. Despite America’s love affair with alcohol, the country has a tendency to stigmatize drinking when it becomes problematic. AA represents a safe community where those facing alcoholism can get the support they need to keep rebuilding their lives.

AA Alone Is Not Always Enough

As effective as Alcoholics Anonymous can be in the alcohol recovery process, meetings should occur alongside comprehensive treatment and, if necessary, professional detox to help address the medical and behavioral elements of problematic drinking. Recovery Unplugged has helped thousands of alcohol use disorder (AUD) sufferers successfully fight back against their alcohol abuse and live the lives they deserve. You don’t have to suffer with this disease by yourself anymore. Treatment combined with ongoing participation in the AA program can be your ticket to health, freedom and lasting independence from alcohol addiction.

Find An AA Meeting In Your Community Today

If you or a loved one are looking for an AA meeting in your community, start your search here. Recovery Unplugged believes firmly in the tenets and values of AA to help participants build a better life and repair their relationships with their families. We strongly and enthusiastically encourage our outgoing patients to embrace AA meetings after they complete our treatment. In many ways, it represents the next stage of the recovery process and helps patients build on the self-awareness that they cultivated during their rehab program. Make AA part of your recovery.

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