Use Your Friday Health Plan Insurance Policy to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Recovery Unplugged is in-network with Friday Health Plan at our Austin, TX facilities to make care more affordable to the organization’s members and their loved ones who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Contact us now to find out more about your coverage.

Friday Health Plan Insurance

Addiction Treatment through Friday Health Plan Insurance

Friday Health Plan Insurance offers multiple tiers of coverage for a variety of different substance abuse treatment services, including but not limited to:

Plans also may cover associated mental health issues that are often connected to addiction, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. In addition to individual plans, Recovery Unplugged also works with small businesses who are covered by Friday Health Plan to provide workplace substance use education and treatment for employees who need it at pre-negotiated rates under our in-network partnerships.

Recovery Unplugged’s employee assistance program (EAP) helps companies in all industries address workplace addiction and helping to guide their addicted employees toward recovery. We can help save companies covered by Friday Health Plan significant money while helping their employees become the vibrant and capable professionals that they were before addiction took hold of them.

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How Can I Find Out What My Plan Covers?

The best and most immediate way to determine the scope of your Friday Health Plan coverage is by contacting our admissions representatives for a full insurance verification. We take a detailed look at your plan and work with you to make the treatment process as affordable as possible. You don’t have to let cost get in the way of your care and recovery. However much your insurance plan covers, it will likely be a drastic reduction compared to out-of-pocket and is certainly more affordable than sustaining a lifetime of drug or alcohol addiction. Contact our admissions staff now to find what your plan covers.



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