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Does Assurant Cover Drug Rehab?

Health insurance and drug recovery can be very complicated. Assurant is underwritten by Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company and Union Security Insurance Company. Already confused? What does that mean? They all offer different, they all allow different things. They offer individual medical, small group, short-term and student health insurance products, as well as other non-insurance services.

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Assurant Health Insurance will definitely need a coinsurance. This means Assurant’s basic plans will not cover the cost alone. However they do offer, ”innovative concept”, which can be used for medical expenses like drug treatment. Assurant Health has a toll-free and confidential helpline they can provide any one insured with Assurant.

With Assurant, medical services have a deductible. Unfortunately preexisting conditions are only covered after a year of being insured with Assurant. There are various areas that would cover drug treatment with Assurant abut it is complicated to see where and how. It is best to call a drug treatment center and get the facts about how much you would owe for that particular facility.

Assurant Health Plans provide some benefits and some of what they don’t cover is vague. As always, the benefits depend on the plan you have. Always carefully read documents for Assurant, as they will tell you what is and what is not covered. For a listing of benefits contact an Assurant Agent.


We understand the stress finding a good drug and alcohol rehab can be, don’t let the confusion caused by insurance policies slow down the process. If you have any questions about Assurant’s coverage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, contact our highly experienced admissions staff. Our team has years of professional experience and training in dealing with Assurant drug rehab coverage. Proper rehabilitation is needed to overcome addiction, so contact Recovery Unplugged at 1 (800) 55-REHAB today!

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