My Loved One Needs Help with Meth Addiction

Helping your loved one recover from meth addiction may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Beyond the changes in brain chemistry caused by meth is the loving, caring, and vibrant person you knew before they started using this dangerous and addictive drug. Let Recovery Unplugged assist you in guiding your loved one away from meth and toward a better future.

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It’s Not Just Your Family

Meth addiction is not a “dirty little secret”. It affects millions of families and relationships each year, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help for the person you care about:

2.6 Million

The approximate number of Americans who misuse meth each year.

1.5 Million

The approximate number of Americans with meth use disorder.


The number of Americans who died from overdoses involving meth in 2020.

You can help your loved one avoid being a casualty or statistic of meth use by talking to them and getting them the treatment they need.

We’re Ready When You Are

Treatment for meth addiction requires comprehensive medical and behavioral care to address all aspects of the disease. Recovery Unplugged offers a full range of services for your loved one, no matter what stage of meth addiction they’re in:

Expert Clinical Care

  • Withdrawal Treatment from Trained Doctors and Nurses
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Rehab from Expert Therapists and Counselors
  • Individualized Treatment Programs
  • Inpatient, Outpatient, and Virtual Rehab Offered

Personalized Support

  • Sober Residences
  • Case Management Services
  • Family Resources
  • LGBTQ+-Friendly Care
  • Pet-Friendly Treatment
  • Drug Court Navigation

No matter what meth has taken from your loved one, Recovery Unplugged has the resources to help them take it back.

Don't be another statistic

Recovery Unplugged is here to help you or your loved one take their life back.

meth addiction
meth addiction
meth addiction

How Do I Know My Loved One Is Using Meth?

The physical and behavioral signs of meth abuse become apparent in a very short time and can often include:

  • Changes in Physical Appearance (Dental issues, track marks, dramatic weight loss, burn marks on the fingers, sunken or swollen eyes, etc.)
  • Behavioral Changes (Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, dishonesty and deception, manipulation, isolation, stealing, verbal or physical abuse, loss of interest in activities and relationships)
  • Mood Changes (Aggression, irritability, agitation, paranoia, anxiety, extreme highs and lows, violent outbursts, etc.)

It’s important to keep yourself and your other loved ones out of harm’s way during this extreme behavior. Talk to your loved one when they’re sober and let them know you’re there to help them.

Back from the Brink: Intervention Services at Recovery Unplugged

It’s hard to know where to begin when trying to help your loved one with their drug use. This is a complex, emotionally driven issue that can lead to even more damage to your relationship if not handled properly. 

Recovery Unplugged offers intervention services across the country to help you and the rest of your family reach your loved one. Our interventionists offer experienced guidance in conflict resolution, as well as an objective voice of moderation during the process. We will help you coordinate meeting details and work with you to get the most out of the intervention.

Take power Back from Meth

Your relationship with your loved one is stronger than meth addiction. You have more power than you may realize to influence their recovery, but you can’t do it alone. Recovery Unplugged is standing by 24-7 to work with your family and get your loved one into treatment and on the path toward healing and balanced mental health. We are in-network with most major insurance companies to make care more accessible and have locations across the country. Call us now to discover what we can do for you and your family.

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