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My Loved One Needs
help with addiction

When you’re watching someone you care about struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, it can be hard to know exactly how to help them, or if that’s even possible. You want to do everything you can to turn them back into the loving, vibrant person they were before addiction took over their brain chemistry, but it’s easy and natural to feel helpless and at a loss for where to begin. There are multiple ways to step in on your loved one’s behalf to get them the help they need. Recovery Unplugged is ready to partner with you to help your friend or family member find their way back from alcohol and drug addiction.

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How Can I Be Sure They Have A Problem?

This is one of the most common questions that loved ones of addicts ask themselves, and it very often leads to delays, inaction and worsening of the problem. You know your loved one well enough to know something isn’t right, and if you find yourself even having to ask this question, then, chances are, there’s an issue. Perhaps your loved one is:

  • Keeping Odd Hours or Sleeping More or Less Than Usual
  • Isolating Themselves from the Rest of Your Family
  • Experiencing Sudden Financial or Legal Issues
  • Missing or Declining in Work or School
  • Ditching Their Former Group of Friends to Get High or Drunk with New Ones
  • Disappearing for Long Periods of Time and Coming Home High or Drunk
  • Lying to You or Stealing Money from You
  • Losing or Gaining Large amounts of Weight
  • Acting Erratic, Violent and Aggressive Out of Nowhere
  • Constantly Preoccupied with Drinking or Using
  • Disinterested in the Things and People that Once Made them Happy
  • Getting Angry or Irritated when Questioned about their Use
  • Always Sick or in Pain

These are just some of the indicators that your loved one has a drug or alcohol problem. The longer the problem persists, the harder it will be for them to hide it. Inevitably you’ll notice that these physical and behavioral changes are occurring alongside increased drinking and drug use.

They Have a Problem…
now what?

The way you help your loved one with their addiction will obviously vary according to the dynamics of your relationship. Perhaps, sometimes all that’s required is a one-on-one conversation, followed by a search for treatment. However, the reality is that most addicts aren’t going to want that kind of help at first. After all, if they wanted to stop on their own, they would have, right? When initially confronting your loved one about their alcohol or drug problem, be prepared for:

Yelling and Screaming

An addict will usually get mad or irritated when they’re called out on their problem because they either don’t want to hear about it or can’t see it themselves. They also may get mean, nasty and personal and point out some of your shortcomings. They’ll call you every name in the book and maybe even threaten you. Don’t let this defense mechanism phase you. The wilder they get, the clearer it becomes that they need help.

Denial or Deception

You have to be prepared that the person you love and would do anything for will lie straight to your face about their drinking and drug use. After all, they keep lying to themselves. Denial and deceit are two trademark signs of addiction, it’s important to press past them. This may also lead to the worst argument you ever had, but it’s worth it if they’re convinced that they need help in the end.

Doing the Legwork

When you tell your addicted loved one you’re going to be there for them, you have to mean it. This means helping them find treatment, helping them through withdrawal, holding them accountable and being appropriately supportive while they find their way to recovery. You don’t have to do this alone. Enlist the help and assistance of other members of your family or circle of friends. You can’t or shouldn’t take this on all by yourself.

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Recovery Unplugged is ready to partner with you in getting your addicted loved one the help they need for drug or alcohol addiction. Call one of your admissions representatives today so we can discuss your situation and the steps we can take to help expedite entry into treatment. Addiction is a time-sensitive issue, and you simply can’t afford to wait it out. We’re going to work with you to guide your loved one toward treatment, recovery and a better future. We’re here 24-7 to help.


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