Addiction and Memorial Day

Addiction and Memorial Day: Recovery Unplugged Honors All of Our Fallen Military

As we observe Memorial Day 2020, Recovery Unplugged honors all fallen members of our nation’s armed forces who gave their lives while in service. Their singular sacrifice represents what President Lincoln so eloquently referred to as the last full measure of devotion, as they died to ensure freedom and unparalleled quality of life for future generations.

We also remember our military whose lives end suddenly and tragically, albeit off the battlefield, due to their experiences in active duty. This includes the thousands of addicted veterans who eventually succumb to overdose from opioids and other types of drugs.

It’s no secret that our active and retired military face a special set of circumstances that render them at increased vulnerability to mental health issues, including substance use disorder, and often have their lives cut tragically short as a result. Data from the Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention indicates that over 6,000 veterans each year consistently die from suicide.

Between the physical trauma many experience during active combat, and the ongoing PTSD many sustain years after they’ve completed their service, the men and women who spend their lives and careers protecting us often end up becoming casualties of a war separate from the ones they fought during their tours of duty; a war inside their own heads.

Recovery Unplugged is committed to doing everything we can to ensure that no more of our military’s lives are derailed or cut short by addiction. As we honor those who have sacrificed their lives in battle to ensure preservation of our freedoms, culture, and way of life; we also honor those whose emotional wounds endured for years after they did their duty, and ultimately led them to substance abuse and other types of mental illness. If you or someone you care about has turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with military-related trauma, Recovery Unplugged is here to help you start healing.