Don't Overdo it. Know Your Limits.

Where the World Comes to Play Music

There are few, if any, music festivals like Austin City Limits. The ten-day musical free-for-all brings the most promising and prolific bands and recording artists from all over the world in an atmosphere that still manages to seem intimate and homey. This year’s ACL will span the first two weekends in October with eight stages and over 130 bands that will descend on Austin’s Zilker Park. Headliners will include Paul McCartney, Odesza, Metallica, Justice, Travis Scott and Arctic Monkeys. It promises to be another series of unforgettable performances from the hungriest and most interesting bands and musicians from around the world.

Like all other festivals, however, ACL attendees can very easily find themselves in an atmosphere of excessive drinking and illicit drug use—this has become a fact of life on the festival circuit. This type of culture can be particularly problematic for individuals in recovery or who are actively struggling with substance use disorder. Recovery Unplugged would like to remind all ACL attendees to stay diligent and proactive in maintaining sobriety and their safety. Attendees in recovery are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with their therapists or sponsor during the event in case they feel vulnerable to relapse. Recovery and live music don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Don't overdo it. Know your limits.

Catch Award-Winning Songwriter and Recovery Unplugged Ally Josh Halverson on the Eve of ACL

Right before you watch David Byrne, the National, Lil Wayne and nearly 200 other artists light up the ACL stage, let southern songsmith Josh Halverson wet your musical appetite with a performance on October 3rd at Fort Worth’s McDavid Studio At Bass Performance Hall. The breakout songwriter, Recovery Unplugged advocate and season 11 finalist on NBC’s The Voice had some words of wisdom for ACL attendees about the importance of taking care of yourself in a festival atmosphere and not overdoing it. No stranger to the pain and loss of addiction, Josh has relied on music to help him cope and move forward as the disease impacted his loved ones. Keep an eye out for the release of Josh’s next album in the spring of 2019.

End the Night Safely: Let Us Take You Home: Don’t Drink and Drive

If drinking is part of your ACL plans, as it is for so many, it’s critical that you make plans to get yourself to and from the festival without harming yourself or anyone else. While this seems like an obvious notion, far too many get behind the wheel when they’re clearly impaired and end up paying the ultimate price or forcing others to pay it. Austin has multiple options to help ACL attendees and anyone else in the city who has had too much to drink arrive safely at their destination.

Let Us Take You Home

Recovery Unplugged will be sponsoring pedicabs throughout the city during ACL to help inebriated festival-goers stay safe during the event. Keep an eye out and hitch a ride home with us. If you’re unable to flag us down, there are numerous alternatives to getting in your car when you know you shouldn’t, including Uber, Lyft and other ride apps; public transportation and taxi cabs. Recovery Unplugged wants ACL attendees to have a memorable festival experience; that’s hard to do if they’re lying in a hospital bed in a coma or with long-term memory loss from a drunk-driving accident. Do the right thing and keep yourself and the people around you safe.

Download Richie Supa’s Enemy for Free

While you’re getting ready to enjoy a weekend of unforgettable music, kick things off by downloading Richie Supa’s Enemy. Richie is an award-winning songwriter and our Director of Creative Recovery. His album Enemy is a deeply confessional tale of his journey through addiction to recovery told through an eclectic assortment of musical styles ranging from rock and roll and R and B to country, blues and Dixieland. The record is, at once, dark, desperate, tragic, jubilant, triumphant and inspiring, and depicts in raw detail Richie’s battle with his own demons and enemies in his years of substance abuse. Listen to Enemy now.


About Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged is a national addiction treatment organization, and the only addiction care provider to fully integrate music into our rehab programs. Combining traditional treatment resources like medical detox, comprehensive behavioral rehab and aftercare with innovative and effective music-based therapies, Recovery Unplugged offers clients an effective, unique and music-focused treatment experience. Our world-class doctors, therapists and creative professionals leverage the power of music to help our clients heal from drugs and alcohol and reclaim their lives from addiction. This music-based treatment approach has helped clients from all over the country access their confidence, break down emotional barriers and overcome their addictions.

Recovery Unplugged offers treatment to patients of all musical backgrounds and features multiple treatment options, including inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient, partial day programs, long-term treatment and sober housing. Patients work leading therapists in the addiction treatment field to identify the root causes of their addiction and develop behavioral coping mechanisms to avoid relapse and successfully manage their recovery with independence.

Feel Good Friday | Episode 1 ft. Ashley Newton

Put Something Good in Your Ears

Recovery Unplugged helps our clients replace the ticking clock of addiction with a drum beat and the voice that them you to use with their favorite songs.  Through a variety of music-based therapies like songwriting and composition, performance, production, listening and analysis, creative writing, therapeutic drumming and more, patients break down emotional barriers and use music as a catalyst to better articulate their feelings. Therapy is supplemented with weekly performances from Richie as well as established and breakout recording artists who have successfully overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Contact our admissions staff today to learn more.

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