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Knowledge is Power

The Recovery Unplugged team has long relied on education and research as the principle means of improving addiction treatment. For decades it has been the distinguishing factor that has advanced care and introduced new therapies to the treatment landscape. It is also what has enabled us to so thoroughly refine our treatment approach and leverage the full power of music to help our patients heal.

In the interest of continuing the conversation, educating prospective patients and their loved ones and letting addiction sufferers know that they are not alone, Recovery Unplugged has established a continuously growing library of resources providing valuable information on various aspects of addiction and substance abuse. These works have been produced and published in partnership with our partner facility in Austin, TX.

Our eBooks, white papers and other information resources are meant to enrich education, promote conversation and let those impacted by addiction know that help is out there. Please feel free to browse our library.

What is Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center?

Recovery Unplugged Digital Brochure

This presentation explains Recovery Unplugged’s continuum of care and the incorporation of music into the healing process.

The Role and Responsibilities of Families in the Addiction Recovery Process

Recovery Unplugged E-Book 1

This e-book discusses the varieties of issues families face when dealing with an addicted loved one.

The Significance and Impact of Supplemental Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Recovery Unplugged E-Book 1

This e-book focuses on the importance of specialized supplemental therapies in individualized patient care.

Examining the Relationship between Sexual Trauma and Substance Abuse

Recovery Unplugged E-Book

This eBook explores the everyday prevalence of sexual trauma and its role in the development of drug and alcohol abuse among survivors.


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Informing and Collaborating with the Entire Addiction Care Community

As Recovery Unplugged further solidifies itself as an intellectual authority on music-based addiction treatment, we look forward to sharing our results, methodology and success stories with the clinical community at large. Please feel free to browse our collection of informational resources or call Recovery Unplugged with any further questions at (855) 784-3577.

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