RU Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger “Comes Home” To Sullivan County, NY To Discuss Opioid Addiction

Last month, Recovery Unplugged Chief Strategy officer, and veteran of the addiction care landscape, Paul Pellinger went back to the area where he was born to discuss the opioid addiction epidemic currently plaguing the United States.

Program Helps Addicts Get High With Music

Shakespeare may have said that music is the food of love, but Paul Pellinger, a founder of an innovative substance abuse treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, says it can be something else: a path toward freedom from addiction.

Recovery Unplugged to Give Two Powerful Talks at this Year’s Recovery Results Conference

On Tuesday, November 28 th at 1:05pm, Mr. Gorordo will present: New Approaches for Treating Substance Abuse in the Millennial Population . The presentation will examine the unique and diverse substance abuse issues faced by millennials, and the new innovations that have emerged in the treatment landscape to meet their specialized care needs. It is a subject that promises to resonate with anyone who has ever treated a young adult for substance abuse or has known a millennial who has succumbed to the disease of addiction.

“It’s More Important to be Happy Than Right”, Words of Wisdom with Paul Pellinger, President of Face the Music Foundation

“I knew as a child, growing up in the Catskill Mountains 10 miles away from the original Woodstock site that music had power and the ability to change moods, motivate, reinforce gratitude, help people stay in the present, reflect, anchor people and most importantly communicate to the soul where long lasting change happens. These are some of the exact skill sets addicts need for long-term recovery.”

Recovery Unplugged – The Future of Addiction Treatment NOW

By allowing patients to access addiction treatment and psych services through their primary care providers, Recovery Unplugged aims to remove barriers to long-term sobriety.

RECOVERY UNPLUGGED® FOUNDER DEBUTS NEW BOOK, Recovery Unplugged®: Music is Our Medicine

With the number of drug overdose deaths in the United States growing from 17,415 per year in 2000, to more than 52,000 per year in 2017, Pellinger says now it is more important than ever to educate those suffering from addiction and their families about to beat it once and for all.

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