Everything You Need during Your Treatment Experience

No matter how receptive clients may initially be to the treatment process, there is always some level of reluctance and nervousness about getting started. Whether they’re in outpatient treatment or a residential program, treatment represents a new experience, and, to many, this level of change can be jarring and overwhelming. As part of our commitment to helping patients feel as comfortable and safe during their treatment with us, Recovery Unplugged offers the best possible accommodations to clients in each phase of care. We understand the critical role that environment plays in the addiction treatment process, and we’re committed to making sure you or your loved one has the best and most comfortable experience while you're with us.

A Full Menu of Amenities

No matter what level of care you or your loved one are seeking at Recovery Unplugged, we believe that you deserve all the comforts of home for a safe, comfortable and discreet treatment experience. While amenities will vary for each client based upon clinical appropriateness and location, Recovery Unplugged offers:

  • Fully Equipped Music Production and Performance Spaces
  • Discreet and Comfortable Residences (Inpatient Only)
  • Freshly Prepared Food
  • 24-7 Security
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Gym and Recreational Facilities

We have multiple locations throughout the United States to help clients heal comfortably. You have enough to worry about when you’re endeavoring to recover from substance use disorder. Let us help make it easier.

Blending Expert Care with Comfort

In addition to world-class physicians and treatment professionals, clients in each one of our treatment programs have access to a state-of-the-art music spaces, beautiful outdoor spaces, yoga and other holistic therapies, and much more. Our treatment atmosphere is meant to be an extension of our overall care philosophy. Clients exchange the support and strength they need to comfortably move through the process.

Our treatment facilities are meant to be havens for healing, reflection and growth. Rehab programs are limited to smaller groups to ensure effective, personalized care. We provide an environment that cultivates mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical rehabilitation, which proves effective for peer support and critical group therapies.

Multiple Locations to Help You Heal

You’re never more than a few hours away from a Recovery Unplugged treatment facility, and we offer the same exemplary and uncompromising level of care wherever we are. Recovery Unplugged is committed to providing quality treatment to as many clients as possible by providing facilities all across the United States, including:

We don’t believe that geography should dictate the pursuit of addiction treatment, and we strive to provide convenient and accessible care to clients all over the United States. Get the help you need now to permanently overcome drug and alcohol addiction.


No matter how necessary treatment may be, the reality is that it can be a scary and jarring experience. Recovery Unplugged understands that clients are nervous and uncertain prior to entering treatment and we are here to make the process as comfortable as possible while they entrust us with their care. If you or someone you care about needs quality and effective treatment, call us today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB.

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