Have A Fun Sober Labor Day from Recovery Unplugged

A Happy, Safe and Sober Labor Day from Recovery Unplugged

Labor Day: what is there to be nervous about, right? The only thing most of us really have to worry about today is choosing between sleeping in or waking up in time for our favorite furniture sale; or braving those neighbors who we don’t really like or risking a year’s worth of icy stares because we gave them the polite brush-off. The thought of a “sober labor day” doesn’t even factor into most people’s plans. For those in recovery, however, these little three-day weekends and how we choose to fill them can represent a clandestine threat of relapse and jeopardize long-term recovery.

What Can Go Wrong?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that Labor Day is the fourth deadliest holiday for drunk driving; a figure that should provide ample insight into the frequency of alcohol consumption during this entire weekend. In addition to drinking, the increasingly lax attitude toward weed in social situations can mean at least a 50-50 shot that you’ll be encountering the drug at a party you’re slated to attend. Our cheekier acquaintances may even like some pills with their potato salad. It may not seem like a big deal, but the road to relapse is very often paved with lack of preparation and overconfidence—just be mindful.

Trade the Drug-and-Drink Drama for a Sober Labor Day

For those who wish to avoid to the drama and ridiculousness that accompanies social drug use and alcohol abuse, there’s no reason why a sober Labor Day has to be any less fun. The Recovery Unplugged iPartysober™  team encourages everyone who wants to actually enjoy their holiday, and not wake up for work tomorrow morning cursing their existence, to skip the drugs and booze. After all, there will be probably be plenty of fatty meats and sugary desserts for the taking, if we really want to put our bodies through the ringer this year.

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