Ways To Have Fun Without Alcohol in Nashville

5 Ways to Have Fun Without Alcohol in Nashville

Learning How to Have Fun Again in Recovery

When an individual goes through alcohol addiction or drug addiction rehab or just chooses to live a sober life, one of the essential things is to know ways to have fun with alcohol or drugs. This process isn’t too impossible a task when you live in as vibrant a city as Nashville, Tennessee. Many fun activities in the Music City will go along with the life skills and relapse prevention planning you might have done during any recovery programs you took part in before you began your sober life. From the Opry House to the Frist Art Museum to the Johnny Cash Museum to hiking trails throughout the area, there’s plenty to do in Nashville, TN.

There are usually two main categories of activities people participate in after alcohol addiction or drug addiction treatment. Hobbies they were interested in before or new interests and pastimes. This can definitely be explored in recovery programs at Recovery Unplugged, like our individual therapy and dual diagnosis treatment options. Our unique brand of alcohol and drug rehab treatment, which is infused with music therapies throughout our levels of care, can help you not only be drug and alcohol-free but to live a happy, healthy, sober life going forward.

Substance abuse can make a person single-minded and take them away from the hobbies and activities they enjoy. As part of addiction treatment, counselors can incorporate life skills and other educational components into individual therapy and group sessions. Part of this is occupying the time previously used in alcohol addiction or drug addiction activities.

In some ways, alcohol and drug rehab recovery programs are what you put into them. If you are dedicated to moving forward and living a sober life, you can be successful and lead a fun, enjoyable life after alcohol rehab or drug rehab. One piece of advice to ensure relapse prevention would be to start small and simple. If you are worried about being out in society, start with going to the Nashville Zoo for an hour, not spending an entire day in Downtown Nashville amongst all the hustle and bustle. Also, you may want to start with fun activities that are 100% drug and alcohol-free to support your new sober life more easily.

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5 Sober Friendly Things to Do in Nashville

Certain fun activities lend themselves more to being sober than others. Although you certainly don’t have to drink at a Tennessee Titans game, there will be plenty of that going on at Nissan Stadium. Here are a few options that won’t put you into sensory overload as you enjoy your day:

Lane Motor Museum

If you’re into classic European sports cars, this is the place for you. With over 500 automobiles, 60 motorcycles, and plenty of memorabilia, the Lane Motor Museum does not disappoint.

Marathon Village

This is the place for you to enjoy a unique shopping experience. Located in the repurposed Marathon Motor Works building, Marathon Village is a mix of unique shops, artists’ offerings, and entertainment.

Belmont Mansion

Nashville, TN is a historic southern city with a lot to offer to any history buff. One example is Belmont Mansion, a 180-acre estate that shows off the beautiful gardens and architecture of the 1800s South.

Tennessee State Museum

Located in downtown Nashville, the Tennessee State Museum is a great way to learn about the Volunteer State. The museum is excellent for people of all ages.

Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a zoological garden and historic plantation farmhouse six miles southeast of Downtown Nashville.

Addiction Recovery Support at Recovery Unplugged

At Recovery Unplugged, we have many levels of substance abuse care and types of treatment to help our clients move forward without drugs and alcohol in their life. We have options that include dual diagnosis treatment, behavioral therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family therapy, relapse prevention education services, and an excellent alumni program. If you’d like to hear more about our addiction treatment services, give us a call at (615) 616-9685 today.