Nashville Virtual IOP Program

4 Things to Look For in a Nashville Virtual IOP Program

What Is Virtual IOP?

A Virtual IOP Program is very much what it sounds like. Virtual intensive outpatient care is a remote way of accessing and attending treatment no matter where you are. Recovery Unplugged of Nashville offers this form of remote addiction rehab to make recovery resources available to as many people who can benefit from it as possible. Therapies are done over video calls, group calls, interactive videos, and downloadable paperwork and worksheets. 

To discover how our virtual addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 today.

What to Look For in a Virtual IOP Program in Nashville

The best virtual IOP programs will have all the qualities of in-person intensive outpatient programs, with the adjustment to accommodate remote participation. This means:

  1. All doctors, therapists, and addiction recovery specialists are fully qualified in their field and dedicated to delivering compassionate care.
  2. Emphasis on participation- leaders will know how to get reluctant participants to engage even over a virtual platform
  3. Multiple time options available to accommodate needs and lifestyle demands
  4. The same quality of care delivered during in-person programs

Excellent Addiction Therapists

The mental health and addiction therapists employed by Recovery Unplugged are all experts in their field and uniquely qualified to help patients reach recovery milestones through virtual means of therapy. In as many ways as possible, they employ interactive online participation methods and are available to help their patients in as many ways as possible. 

A Range of Addiction Therapies Offered

Recovery Unplugged is blazing new trails in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Through the development and use of Music Assisted Treatment, we see improved success rates in patients with difficulty embracing evidence-based treatment. Music-assisted treatment differs from music therapy in building trust between clients and therapists and helps them embrace recovery. In contrast, music therapy aligns more with using music as a coping skill. Along with being the leading developers of music-assisted treatment, Recovery Unplugged also effectively utilizes:

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Methods
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Family Programs

Most of these research-backed methods can be done through virtual IOP with the same amount of effectiveness and success as inpatient treatment. All programs and therapies offered at Recovery Unplugged are designed and monitored by world-class doctors, therapists, and creative professionals, all dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction and mental illness achieve healing and recovery. 

Compassionate and Supportive Staff

Along with the extensively qualified professionals in the medical field, Recovery Unplugged is staffed by caretakers who are addiction-trained specialists. Every team member has the primary goal of meeting our clients with compassion and support as they navigate the early stages of recovery. 

As you participate in group sessions and the alternative therapies offered in virtual IOP, you’ll build relationships with mentors and others who succeed in recovery who once used to stand in your shoes and now show others what the future can hold as living proof. 

Personalized Treatment

Upon admission into any of our programs, including virtual IOP, a medical professional evaluates every new client to determine the best course of treatment. We understand that every person lives a unique story and requires a treatment plan just as individualized. All our Recovery Unplugged programs can be adapted and added to best meet each client’s needs, even as they change throughout their recovery. 

A Holistic Approach

Recovery Unplugged treatment centers incorporate holistic methods into our client’s customized therapy program to facilitate the most effective addiction treatment progression. The connection between body and mind is extremely powerful, and we have seen results in healing mental health conditions after treating physical ones. 

Through virtual IOP, you will participate in workshops and education regarding physical health and nutrition so healing can happen in all areas. Virtual meditation, yoga, and interactive assignments also encourage the physical aspect of holistic healing. 

Success Rates

Across our eight nationwide locations and through virtual IOP, Recovery Unplugged has treated over 8,600 clients with a 95% client satisfaction rate. We have calculated over three million recovery days shared amongst our clients and alumni. 

Virtual IOP at Recovery Unplugged in Nashville

The Recovery Unplugged addiction treatment center and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, just outside of Nashville, TN, has used many of our successful therapies into virtual treatment programs to make them more accessible and help as many individuals pursue recovery as possible. 

Virtual IOP can be used independently or in conjunction with in-person visits and participation in the programs offered at the Nashville Addiction Recovery Unplugged location. Through all levels of care, the treatment you receive at Recovery Unplugged rehab centers ties into relapse prevention and the goal of long-term recovery in a life without addiction. 

It’s never too late to get help. You’re worth saving and we’re going to help you realize that. Start your virtual addiction treatment by calling 855-206-1124 today.