Pet-Friendly Rehab Fort Lauderdale

3 Benefits of Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale

Are Pets Allowed in Addiction Treatment Centers?

When choosing to get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, any little piece of home can provide comfort and motivation, especially four-legged friends. That’s why Recovery Unplugged is a pet-friendly rehab center found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The responsibilities of life don’t stop while in an addiction treatment program. Regardless of the level of care, allowing pets in rehab centers help reduce stress while patients participate in types of treatment for substance abuse disorders. The treatments offered by this drug addiction treatment facility are only enhanced by having your furry supporter close by.

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Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Drug Rehab

Leaving furry friends behind can be challenging and keep people from finding help for their substance abuse disorders. The benefits of bringing your pet to rehab include:

1. Finding a pet-friendly rehab center in Florida alleviates the stress and anxiety of finding a place for your pet to stay and allows you to bring a little piece of home with you.

2. Having your animal nearby lets you focus entirely on your treatment options and makes stressful transitions much more manageable.

3. Having a furry friend around also alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Logistics aside, animals provide a comforting, loving presence with no strings attached. Pets, especially dogs, are known to help soothe anxiety, improve depression and help with PTSD for those with dual diagnoses.  Your dog, cat, or other four-legged friends will love you every step of the way on your addiction treatment journey from medical detox to sober living.

Don’t Let Worrying About Your Pet Prevent You From Getting Help

Once you’ve chosen to get help for your substance abuse disorders, nothing should stand in your way. A pet-friendly treatment center makes that choice a little easier. Unfortunately, mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction affect your pet’s quality of life. Treatment for a substance abuse disorder leads to a healthier, sober lifestyle, one your furry friend is sure to love. Having their loving support every step is an excellent motivator for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. 74% of pet owners reported improved mental health from pet ownership and having them close by. With statistics like that, why should you be expected to leave them behind? This Fort Lauderdale rehab center says you shouldn’t have to.

Where to Find Pet-Friendly Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

Recovery Unplugged is a rehab center in Florida that allows pets of all shapes and sizes. This treatment facility realizes the importance of pet ownership and the benefits of having your furry friends nearby. Every patient’s stay begins with a medical detox supervised by knowledgeable, compassionate staff. While you and your pet work through your addiction program, there are different levels of care at this drug addiction treatment facility. After choosing an intensive inpatient treatment, outpatient program, or partial hospitalization program, patients will participate in various forms of therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and dialectical behavioral therapy. These practices are put to use in a personalized plan for relapse prevention. Family therapy and music therapy are also options for addiction recovery.

This rehab program specializes in the Music Assisted Treatment® approach. This dual diagnosis treatment allows you to experience the healing power of music. Even if you’re not musically skilled, listening to music has proven to relieve multiple health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Rooms are designated explicitly for music therapy to get the most out of treatment.

The tropical environment of Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides a beautiful, relaxing environment for you and your pup. 24/7 security ensures your safety during your stay, and shared kitchen space helps create community and kinship. Call us at (954) 736-4388 to learn more today.